Intuitive Bodywork Session

This session is designed to treat the energetic imbalances that are causing pain or disease in the body. 

Pain is a sign of an energetic balance that’s been present for a while. This session is the first step in creating a customized program specifically designed to help you heal.

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Session lasts up to 90 minutes.

Energy Healing

If you’re just not feeling like yourself, are struggling to connect to your intuition or are having trouble aligning to your life path or making an important decision, this session is for you. It’s also the perfect place to address what’s causing issues with anxiety, sleep, excess stress or feeling imbalanced.  

The session focuses on reading the energy around a problem you’re facing and healing its energetic origin in your body. The session may include things like a shamanic journey, soul retrieval/ reintegration, past life work, connecting to your higher self or guides and identifying and shifting limiting beliefs. You’ll also be provided with personalized recommendations to help continue to heal/ shift the energy on your own.

This session focuses on one issue. Choose the 3 session package to explore multiple issues or for problems that have lasted several months. 

If your symptoms include pain/disease, please select an Intuitive Bodywork Session.

Session is 60 minutes.

1 Session:

3 Sessions:

Energy Grounding & Rebalancing Session

So often the energy you’re feeling right now isn’t even your own! Once you learn how to clear this heavy energy, you can get back to feeling like yourself. This session does just that. We’ll focus on clearing, balancing and grounding your energy, including your chakras.

You’ll learn how to scan your chakras and how to quickly clear and balance your own body so you can experience lighter energy more consistently. 

You’ll also receive a meditation to ground and balance your energy anytime.

Session is 45 minutes.

Beth is seriously amazing. Her readings hit the target each and every time!


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