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do you feel consumed by a sense of fear, anxiety or dread?

Like you’re navigating in a world that’s unpredictable and overwhelming?

Waiting to see what will happen next…

When you’re living with this constant fear and worry, your body responds by going into high alert. Over time, your sleep, family life, career, athletic performance and your mental, physical and spiritual health also suffer. It’s challenging to find the energy to make it through the day, much less find time for yourself.

Our culture is designed to keep us spinning on the hamster wheel day after day. Then we count down the months until our two week’s vacation only to still feel stressed and frazzled or we get sick.

what if there’s a better way?

What if you could show up everyday and feel like you’re thriving, not just surviving?

Pain meds, sleep meds, alcohol, junk food, over-exercising or zoning out to Netflix are often our weapons of choice for trying to tame this stress monster.

But what if there was a healthier, more effective and long lasting way?

Best of all, what if I told you that you’re already equipped with all the necessary tools to ditch the stress?

You cannot control all the stressors in your life, but you do have complete control over how you choose to respond to them.

Your breath is the remote control that changes your body’s stress response.

I’m going to show you how to change the channel anytime you like.

You might be thinking “My breathing must be fine or I’d already be dead!”

I thought this way for a long time too. But the truth is we were never taught how to breathe in a supportive way. It’s the difference between treading water and learning the breaststroke.

The good news is that as a baby you were once a master breather. So it’s really just a matter of re-learning what you already know.

You may have done breathwork before in yoga class, while preparing to give birth or as part of exercise or meditation. But without a proven strategy and a game plan, it’s likely you went from a fleeting moment of zen, right back into your default program of feeling overwhelmed by stress.

there are so many different strategies for breathing

How do you know which one to choose?

The most efficient and effective way to turn off the body’s alarm system, that’s triggered by consistent stress, is to develop a breathwork practice.

After years of struggling with lower back, neck pain and TMJ after over-exercising, under recovering and trying to juggle daily life on little sleep and lots of coffee, my doctor suggested pain management and sent me on my way.

As a bodyworker and self-professed biohacker, I knew there had to be a better way. Instead of speeding up, I finally allowed myself to slow down. That’s when all the feelings I was busy running away from came tumbling into my awareness. And that was when I started learning how to breathe with the intention to turn off the stress alarm that was keeping my nervous system on high alert 24/7, even when I thought I was relaxing. I didn’t realize how disconnected from my body I actually was.

I took courses, studied different breathing methods and eventually crafted a program that had me sleeping better, feeling less anxious, recovering from my injuries and enjoying life again. I shared it with clients and they were amazed at how their back pain disappeared by the end of the session. There was no hands on work. They were simply connecting to their breath.

I created Own Your Breath, a 4 week self-study course, to share what I’ve learned with you. This course will show you exactly what you need to do to stop feeling consumed by stress and take back control of your life.

this course will help you
When You Own Your Breath, You Own Your Life

Chronic stress can literally hack your nervous system. Meaning that prolonged periods of stress triggers hormones in your body that keep you in a state of heightened awareness, causing you to actually seek out more stress in order to produce these familiar chemicals. You literally become addicted to stress!

An estimated 70% of people live by this primitive fight or flight nervous system, which causes the brain and the heart to become out of sync with themselves. This is why it’s so difficult to tap into your intuition or know what your heart truly wants in life when your body is focused on day to day survival.

These stress hormones also leave you feeling irritable. Humans were never meant to function under stress longerm, but our daily environment is full of stressors: the media, Facebook, natural disasters, depressing music, Corona Virus, the election, too much caffeine, traffic and being constantly plugged into technology. This is all so common that we don’t even realize that our body, mind and spirit has been hijacked by stress.

This causes you to live in survival mode, where you’re prone to making rash, short cited decisions about relationships, money, health, you name it. Your brain is wired only for short term survival and can’t see the bigger picture. And when your body thinks you’re trying to outrun a tiger, sleep is the last thing it will surrender to.

Learning to breathe optimally teaches you how to shift out of fight or flight. This isn’t just a fun skill to practice during yoga. The health of your body, mind and spirit all depend on it!

ready to own your breath?

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I’m a Psychic Healer and Body Intuitive. I use my psychic abilities to help people heal their physical, mental and energetic bodies and learn how to work with their own energy so they can heal the root cause of emotional and physical pain. Breath work is often the piece that ties everything together. I believe that we are all healers and that everyone has the ability to work with energy and to heal their own body. In addition to working with clients remotely, I also help bodyworkers and health practitioners learn how to work with energy. I host the Facebook Group Everyday Energetics, where I teach people of all levels how to work with their own energy in a very down to earth way.


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