Have you ever felt like you keep experiencing similar problems or find the same patterns occurring in your life and relationships again and again?

This isn’t a coincidence.

Your body holds the energy of everything you’ve ever experienced in your life. You also carry the energy of any beliefs you picked up from others and took on as your own.

As children, we’re like sponges, creating beliefs about ourselves and the world from our caregivers, peers and the media. We’re all the product of imperfect childhoods, influenced by parents who were still in need of healing themselves and by our own limiting beliefs that we picked up along the way.

This is part of the human experience. Only 5% of our mind consists of conscious thoughts. The other 95% is subconscious programming we’ve picked up, mainly in childhood.

We carry this subconscious programming into adulthood, where we continue to view the world through this same lens, often repeating the same patterns, beliefs and relationship dynamics.

You attract into your life what you need in order to heal. This is why so many relationships can feel like they have the same challenges or end in a similar way. This is also why we keep getting triggered by the same situations and similar types of people.

your symptoms are messages

You are on this planet because you have a unique purpose and potential. However, it can be difficult to see this because there are layers from the past that first need to be discovered and peeled back. All of this previous conditioning is like the layers of an onion. 

The further you stray from your purpose or who you really are, the more your body will alert you to this misalignment. This misalignment might look like stress, sadness, anxiety, ruminating thoughts or being accident prone or have pain, instability or movement restrictions. It can also look like the loss of a job, money issues or struggling in relationships.

You are not broken. Your body is guiding you to heal by sending these symptoms into your awareness.

Every emotion you suppress in your body holds a charge and a vibration. Holding onto emotions like anger, fear, resentment, grief and judgement are dense, heavy vibrations. It can feel like you’re always carrying a 10 pound weight in your pockets. Whereas emotions like love, joy and gratitude feel light because they are a higher vibration and a lighter energy.  

increasing your awareness

Our work together revolves around shining a light on the subconscious, so you can better understand what’s going on behind the scenes. The more conscious and aware you become of these repeating patterns, the easier it is to shift them and to replace this heavy energy in your body with a much lighter one. 

By accessing these subconscious thoughts, you bring them into your conscious mind, where they can be healed, shifted and reprogrammed into a lighter energy and a more empowering belief. 

When you walk around unaware, you allow this subconscious programming to drive your life. This also moves you further away from your soul’s true desire and from living your purpose.

We all have a purpose on this planet and I’d love to help you discover yours.

uncover the source of pain

When we’re out of alignment, the body will often respond with physical, mental or emotional pain, discomfort or disease. 

As a psychic healer and body intuitive, I’ll help you uncover and understand what energy and emotions are being held in your body.

If you’d like to see where repressed emotions often show up as pain and symptoms in the body, I’ve created a free guide for you.

our journey together

Our work together is a journey of deepening your sense of self awareness, clearing stress, getting in tune with your intuition and healing the root cause of emotional and physical pain. 

I work with clients who are ready to take responsibility for their own healing and who aren’t looking for a quick fix. I’ll look into your past and work with the energy to help you identify any blocks and uncover what needs to be healed, but you are responsible for your own healing. 

My goal is to empower you with the tools and mindset to help you heal yourself now and into the future. I’m here to guide and support you as a healer and sounding board, but this isn’t a psychotherapy session. How you choose to move forward with the information and guidance is entirely up to you. 

There are several options for working together, including one off sessions and healing programs. While one off sessions are a great way to begin tackling an issue or receiving some intuitive guidance for moving forward, most clients achieve their goals through steady, consistent work.

To best support this, I have created a personalized program designed to support you wherever you’re at. One-on-one sessions and unlimited support and materials like healings and meditations help deepen your awareness and empower you with the necessary tools to heal, while providing enough time in between sessions to embody these changes. 

Programs are created with your unique goals in mind. For some, the desired outcome is to learn how to manage their anxiety or heal what’s blocking them from pursuing a new career or tapping into their potential. For others, it’s healing a physical pain, illness or disease.

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