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My practice focuses on helping you uncover and heal the cause of general, chronic or unresolved health issues and emotional challenges.

The goal of this work is to heal on a deeper level, bring the body back into balance, and reconnect you to your personal power.


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"Beth has an ability, an intuitive gift, to see and feel the root cause of physical pain. Beth has an ability like few do to listen and weed out the truth."
Jeff G.

Your Journey


In the initial session, we’ll use movement, energy and breath-based assessments to begin to uncover the source of your pain. Then we’ll create a customized program designed to reach your goals. 


Gentle healing correctives such as craniosacral therapy, energy healings and journeys; meridian, chakra and visceral work help create balance in the body and heal the root cause of pain.


As you’re guided down your path, we’ll be creating new habits, shifting thoughts and beliefs and introducing self care practices help to maintain the changes and deepen the work over time.

Meet Beth

Beth Manning Intuitive Lambertville, NJ

I’m a Psychic Healer and Medical Intuitive as well as a craniosacral therapist.

During my years of hands-on work with clients, I took a deep dive into understanding anatomy, visceral work, physiology, applied kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, breathwork and movement.

This all informed my practice, but the sessions that really stood out to me were the ones that couldn’t be placed in one of these boxes.

As I learned to listen deeply to each client’s body, it became apparent that there was something much larger at play. Something that transcended the physical. Once I understood how to work with, converse with and listen to the energetic body, sessions were filled with huge shifts, discoveries and transformations.

We were no longer treating symptoms. We were finally addressing the root causes of the problem.

And 9 times out of 10, the cause wasn’t structural.

I work with energy in a very non-dogmatic way. It’s important to understand that everything is made up of energy, including you. The energetic is an aspect of our world that we’re often unaware of until it’s brought into our own experience.

Everyone is capable of working with energy and is an energy healer. You don’t have to own crystals, meditate for hours or know the names of goddesses in order to work with energy. I certainly didn’t when I first started!

Sessions include channelled guidance and insights, healing past and present negative events and traumas; healing, grounding and balancing your chakras and energetic body (and teaching you how to do this yourself); and working energetically with the inner child, shadow aspects and archetypes. Sessions focus on moving any energy blocks and healing the energy that’s contributing to physical or emotional pain. We also focus on mindset work and shifting any limiting beliefs contributing to the energetic imbalance. 

Then I’ll provide any tools to help you reinforce the work in between sessions. These are created specifically for you and your unique needs.

Using my intuition and psychic abilities, I’ll help you understand why your symptoms occurred in the first place and what must be healed as a result. True healing work is all about listening, trusting and allowing. 

I’ll be your guide, helping to create a path to your goal, but it’s up to you to implement, take action and embody the work.  

You are a healer and your body is capable of healing itself! Your body will tell you exactly what it needs and I would love to help you learn how to listen.

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What Clients Are Saying

Beth was great, we worked together using zoom because we are in different parts of the USA. It was great to finally close the door on this and release the hurt and pain that had been stored up in my body all these years. the best part is the restoration of my hip, and progress with the shoulder.

For the first time in a while my left hip and leg are fully engaging when exercising. I am very happy with my experience and would recommend Beth to anyone struggling to get clear of any emotional issues causing dysfunction in their body.
Nick M.
4&1/2 yrs ago, I was the victim of a drunk driver 5x over the limit. I could not move or turn my neck. My right arm would go numb and my fingers would be numb for days. I had a fractured skull and crushed nerves in my hip. Everyday was a struggle for me physically.

Beth has changed all of that. Beth has given me back a quality-of-life I thought I would never have again. I went from 120 mg of morphine to 15mg. I also suffered a TBI, W/ excruciating pressure migraines. After 2 sessions, the migraines are near gone. Hip Nerves crushed in the crash no longer keep me sidelined for days.

During our sessions I can feel my body Healing/ reconnecting itself. It’s a really mind- blowing experience. I’m crying as I write this, as I believe Beth is a God send to me. She is so Intuitive, caring, and just knows her stuff. All my doctors said daily pain and medicine would be for the rest of my life. They cannot believe how far I’ve come.
Josie M.


Rarely does an issue resolve in a session or two. When we begin this work, we begin a process that requires ongoing support for a time in order to shift long standing patterns and bring the body back into balance. Otherwise, we’re simply providing a short term bandaid.

One-off sessions are powerful, but working together on a common goal for a month or more is transformative.

I created programs to meet this need. Each program begins with a free 20-minute Discovery Call, where we’ll discuss how we can work together to meet your goals. During this call, we’ll discuss your goals, assess where you are and create a plan moving forward. The average program is 4 months long.

The goal of the program is to begin to provide you with your owner’s manual. You will understand how to listen to your body and know what it needs. This program is designed to empower you with all the necessary tools to heal yourself now and in the future.

Self care is also an integral piece of longterm healing because it supports the work in between sessions. Then we can continue to heal and build off the previous sessions.

Programs include one-on-one healing sessions in person or online along with any additional support materials (meditations, healings, educational materials, accountability, etc) to reinforce and support your goals and healing in between sessions. You also have unlimited Messenger and email support from me during this time.

For more info, go here.

The people who have the most success are those who are open minded, emotionally available and who commit to a short daily self care practice. Clients who are willing to explore their life at a deeper level and who believe that their body was designed to heal tend to get the most from this work. This is a healing journey and a partnership. This isn’t a quick fix. 

Like everything else on this planet, you’re made up of energy. Essentially, every thought you think, both good and bad, and all of your life experiences hold an energetic charge. If this energy isn’t processed or discharged, it remains stuck in the body.

By stuffing emotions down or treating symptoms rather than the root cause of emotional or physical pain, the energy remains in the body and begins to expand over time. The body tries its best to manage it, until it eventually manifests as pain.

Negative thought patterns and beliefs only reinforce this heavy energy, and can cause you to feel stuck in a cycle of pain or hopelessness. Ignoring these painful emotions or forcing yourself to “look on the brightside,” only pushes this energy further down.

As a psychic healer, I can see where energy imbalances exist in your body and their inception point. I help guide you through processing, releasing and correcting energy imbalances. This work is highly supportive and very gentle.

Clients often don’t realize how much energy they were spending trying to manage these emotions until they’re gone. Carrying this energy is mentally and physically draining as you attempt to control these feelings on a conscious and unconscious level. It’s like trying to hold a beach ball under the water. Once you let go, so many aspects of your life are free to shift and change.

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